Monday, January 29, 2007

Back in action!

Ciao all,

We've had a bit of a misadventure in getting our high speed internet connection set up in our new office (landline markers anyone??), but yes, we've made it now.

Yes yes we know, sounds like we're always moaning about something, but hey must be that we're getting put to the test by the gods of the beat!!

Anyhow, we've been hearing some great tracks from all of our artists (exclusive and non-exclusive buyers) and damn that shit is hot!! There's some real talent out there guys, make sure you keep on sending us your work!

But well, now that we're all set in our new temple of beats in North London (and I have finished deleting all the spam attempts on this blog) we can start functioning properly again. So, expect new bangers soon and also a long awaited newsletter packed with those creative tips you've been so eagerly waiting for...

Ai ai!

Your favourite beatmakers,

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