Friday, May 25, 2007


What a month

First of all, one of our most successful in terms of beat sales (it must be that the imminent arrival of the summer is getting your rhymes bouncing….we love that).

Second, May finally brought Nas to
London and we had the chance to go and see him rock the crowds live. From “NY State of Mind” to “The Message” to “One Mic” and “Made you Look”…they were all there. He’s now touring Europe, so if you’re one of our artists from the old continent make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible show.

Third, we’ve come across a few very talented producers who will shortly be joining our team. It has taken us a while to find beatmakers with the right sound for La Cantina Productions, but we’re getting there and these guys are pure fire. Introductions and beats to follow shortly.

So, the month isn’t over yet and we’re of course looking forward to more….!

Ai ai

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