Friday, June 08, 2007

The debate of the beat

We’ve often had hot debates about this while chilling out in front of our keyboards and computers after a kick/snare session: what beats do artists actually want nowadays?

It’s apparent from what you can find on most other beat sites that “crunk” is very fashionable at the moment and that heavy synthy dre beats never fail to sell. We offer you a varied menu of musical dishes, some fall under these categories while others just have a insane life of their own…

But, what is it YOU like? When we used to rhyme we always looked for beats that literally gave us words…in most cases these tended to be very mellow emotional French style instrumentals, or wild concoctions of electronic sounds meshed with hip hop drums (and I guess you can at times hear these styles on our catalogue), but is that what the modern day emcee is after?

A quick look at the charts places Timbaland at the top, what about that? We agree he has produced some banging instrumentals (dirt off your shoulder) although using the same kick, snare and hihat on every single of nelly furtado’s album is a bit of a cheap production trick boy!

But so……what do you like, and more importantly I guess, why do you like it? Beat tastes are very subjective, but isn’t it cool to chat about it?

Ah man we’re deep, how many other beat websites have such profound thoughts on their blogs? :-)

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