Sunday, March 09, 2008

Selling Rap Beats Online - A few words on our birthday...

Life rolls by quickly. Life online rolls by even quicker, and today celebrates four successfull years of happy beatmaking and online business.

We've learnt loads in four years, but if there is one thing that has really stood out, it's the fact (read carefully, fact) that it ain't easy. Creating one of the web's top audio production sites has taken a tremendous amount of work, passion, enthusiasm, time and money. It didn't just happen...

That's why it annoys us we've gone from having 5-6 quality sites selling beats online to what now are probably close to a hundred's. Sure, competition is a positive force, it fuels innovation...but the problem is that we're not seeing innovation, just hopeless imitation.

Why? Because it looks like the new online rap beat biz opportunity is not about selling beats anymore, but telling others how to do it, and charging for the privilege. The craziest thing is that these "secrets of selling beats online" ebooks make it look like child's the point that anyone who reads them feels they are perfectly capable of selling beats online and making six figure profits. Ha ha

Of course these ebooks are BS. Yes, they point you in the right direction, but it's not only about knowing how to do it, it's knowing how to do it better than everyone else. And if that wasn't enough, they fail to mention that without QUALITY beats, no one goes anywhere.

So what's our advice? Don't be foolish and throw your hard earned cash down the internet money making dreams drain just because some ebook tells you so. There's no more space for beat sites, the market is bursting (a search for "rap beats" on Google brings up 507,000 results, yes).

Instead, join an existing audio production site. Have a look around, pick the best ones (not the open to all buy and sell beat sites, you'll never get noticed there) and send them your beats along with a well written email. Trust us, if you're talented you'll eventually have your beats online, without having wasted thousands of dollars on building and promoting yet another

So while we blow out the four candles on our birthday cake, we hope we've helped you with this simple, yet vital piece of advice...happy birthday

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