Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New beats and a fresh look

New beats have been uploaded and the catalogue has been re-designed...ai!

We did love the pictures on our old one (really) and liked to believe that you did as well. Stunning visuals and rap beats, a winning duo.

But then one day while cooking pasta we realised we had too many beats. And because we want your beat tasting experience to be as seamless as possible, we cut the pics and put all our bangers on one plate. Yes. (send us feedback if you hate it...!!)

And last, make sure you check out the first new beatmaker to join our world famous production team, Sockola. A fan of Reason's NN-XT, the man is known to love digging the crates for underground euro latin pop gems and being whack at Xbox first person shooters. He was hired one dark night when Jerry Spina and Stone Tone where too intoxicated to understand the implications of their actions.

Ai ai!

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